Once upon a time, Chaim Fetter, who was shocked by the conditions in which children live in Lombok in 2005, decided to make a change. He and his co-founder bought 1,5 hectares of land in the middle of the rice fields and created a project named Peduli Anak Foundation with shelters, schools, medical facilities advocacy and family care. More than a decade later, the stuff of 6O people provides family care, residential care, medical and healthcare services to more than hundreds of underprivileged children. Chaim’s vision is nothing more than to give children a chance for a happy and healthy life free of poverty and violence. By the time Peduli Anak became an example of an operating charity organisation.

The company ACS audiovisual solutions dedicate its attention to this amazing project.  For the past two years has been helping children through Worldfair (previous Fair charity).

We as Worldfair give ACS a transparent update every month about “their” kid’s improvements, life stories, happiness and more so ACS can be closer to them by watching them growing up, sharing their life goals or seeing them making their dreams come true.

If you want to make the change as ACS audiovisual solutions, get involved with us.

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