WorldFair.one is a platform to showcase the real, down-to-earth, positive and constructive things that are already happening in the world, giving authentic hope for the future.

The original World Fair is an annual, global exhibition that encourages each country to display its individual advancements.

WorldFair.one wants to give a similar online stage to efforts that are fair, productive, and inspiring for everyone.

You’ll be surprised by the amount of good that is brewing around us.

About the team

Background story founder Erwin Klomp: “All over the world, I’ve seen inspiring projects, people, and initiatives that I didn’t come across anywhere online or on TV. With WorldFair I want to give them the exposure they deserve and give you the same positive feeling that it gave me.

In terms of supporting all of them, I believe in creating new (eco)systems that automatically generate cash flow for these initiatives, instead of being dependent on a few donors.

The same principles that apply to my first social enterprise, ShopDonation, apply to WorldFair:

• using the platform will automatically support your chosen project

• it never costs you anything to give, it’s always free

• for projects: the more inspiring, transparent, and constructive your project, the more attention you will attract, and the more free income you will bring in.

If that sounds too good to be true, then we simply thank you for the compliment!”