ACS audiovisual solutions helps underprivileged children

"When supporting a charity, how do we know that the money arrives at the correct destination and provides the help that is intended?", is what ACS audiovisual solutions asked us. A valid question that we hear a lot, since honesty and transparency aren't always guaranteed when donations are given to charity. Through a few bad examples, naturally the need for transparancy and clearity has grown bigger and bigger. Luckily there are positive examples as well:

Let us tell you about Peduli Anak, a project based in Lombok, Indonesia, that helps underprivileged children. After showing that Worldfair, in collaboration with the project, could provide transparent updates on where donations were going, ACS was enthusiastic to become a structural donor.
Having supported the project since 2012 now, ACS has seen 'their' sponsor children grow up and receive the opportunities, education and love that every child deserves. But don't just take our word for it - check out the video-updates, provided every 3 months, that showcase how long term support can make a real difference.

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