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WorldFair’s business program

WorldFair offers a unique business program to all enterprises who wish to amplify their impact and extend their corporate social responsibility strategies by supporting one of the many inspiring projects featured on the WorldFair website and social media.

A leading CSR strategy for 2021.

The marketplace has been experiencing a considerable emergence in the demand for ethical corporate behaviour. Unfortunately, corporate sponsoring nowadays doesn’t include any transparency regarding what happens with the (financial) support given to charities or initiatives. As a consequence, this lack of transparency can often be misinterpreted as a swindle or greenwashing and produce a counter effect, such as cynicism and distrust, with customers, clients, and employees.

Research shows that implementing business policies that increase corporate social responsibility can increase employee retention rates by 25-30 percent compared to public corporations that do not implement CSR strategies.

Another study shows that CSR practices enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction, since the customers indirectly support the cause by engaging with the company. The same study features the importance of the mediator in enhancing the effect of CSR on satisfaction, image, and quality of the enterprise.

What makes the WorldFair business program special?

As we see the global rise in social awareness year after year, the main ingredients for successful sponsoring include authenticity, transparency, and making an actual difference.

A. Making a difference by being transparent

Through WorldFair’s business program we offer exactly that for our associated companies:  

  • Support any of the transparent and inspiring projects on WorldFair that is closest to the heart of the business.
  • In collaboration with the chosen project, WorldFair will provide video updates on what actually happens with the given support. You will be able to follow updates on a uniquely created business page on WorldFair*, which makes internal communication with your employees convenient and easy.

*Make sure to take a look at our collaboration with the company ACS Audiovisual solutions that decided to support a project for children in Lombok, Indonesia. For this collaboration, a new video-update was made every 3 months to show children‘s development that ACS supported.

B. Promoting consciously

The second major benefit of sponsoring through WorldFair is that we offer one of the most cost-effective promotions for businesses on the market. When collaborating with WorldFair, you combine two of your goals: social responsibility and business growth. Instead of investing money in both categories separately, working with WorldFair will help you water two plants with one hose. Contact us to receive the most suitable offer for your business needs.

All of these new updates will be promoted on both our website and our social media, as our audience is eager to see positive, inspiring, and authentic stories.

Already in collaboration with a social project?

If you are already supporting a project or initiative that is not yet shown on our platform, you can apply together. If this cause already produced video material, please ask them to apply here.

If the project hasn’t produced any video material yet, WorldFair can offer on-location filming and editing services worldwide. This can be particularly convenient for telling a story about your collaboration and support. Please, reach out to us for a quotation based on your specific needs.

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