Many rural communities in India cannot afford to cook on anything other than firewood. To get firewood, the woman of the house usually has to walk a couple of kilometers to the forest, find branches or cut down a tree, and come back home carrying the bundle on her head. Then she spends hours in her living room, sitting next to the fire to keep the flame burning. Making lunch often takes hours, if not the whole afternoon.

Narsamma, an Indian farmer from Chikballapur, often took up to 16 hours a week to fetch firewood for cooking and cut it into small enough to fit into the stove.

Thanks to FairClimateFund Netherlands’ project, Narsamma can now use a biogas stove for cooking. This saves her time, prevents health complications that firewood smoke used to cause, and lets her children attend school on time as she is now able to cook for them in less time.

Narsamma now has more time for herself and her other chores. She finally feels rich because of cleaner, more efficient cooking that biogas stoves made happen.

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