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WorldFair’s CSR program

WorldFair offers a unique program to all businesses who wish to amplify their impact and extend their corporate social responsibility strategies by supporting one of the many inspiring projects featured on the WorldFair website and social media.

A transparant CSR strategy.

Companies in both the B2B and B2C sectors have seen an increasing demand for ethical corporate behaviour. The problem however is that most corporate sponsoring doesn’t include any transparency regarding what happens with the (financial) support given to social initiatives. Consequently, this lack of transparency can often be viewed as greenwashing and produce cynical responses with customers, clients, and employees.

Unfortunately there are more examples of greenwashing in the world than transparant csr strategies

How you receive the most value

As we see the global rise in social awareness growing each year, the main ingredients for successful sponsoring include authenticity, transparency, and making an actual difference.

Making an honest difference – in a transparant way

Through WorldFair’s CSR program we offer exactly that for our associated companies:  

  • Support any of the transparent and inspiring projects on WorldFair that is closest to the heart of the business.
  • In collaboration with the chosen project, WorldFair will provide video updates on what actually happens with the given support. You will be able to follow updates on a uniquely created business page on WorldFair*, which makes internal communication with your employees convenient and easy.

*Take a look at one of our examples: a collaboration with the company ACS Audiovisual solutions that decided to support a project for children in Lombok, Indonesia. For this collaboration, a new video-update was made every 3 months to show children‘s development that ACS supported.

Receive promotion to a conscious audience

Another major benefit of joining WorldFair’s CSR program is that it automatically includes promotion at our conscious audience – who is looking for authentic and inspiring news, and conscious brands to support. Thus, when collaborating with WorldFair, you combine two of your goals at once: social responsibility and business growth.

Already collaborating with a social project?

If you are already supporting a social initiative that is not yet shown on our platform, it is possible to apply together for the CSR program. If this cause already produced video material, please ask them to apply here.

If the project hasn’t produced any video material yet, optionally WorldFair can offer on-location filming and editing services worldwide as well. Please, reach out to us for a quotation based on your specific needs.

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