For filmmakers

Earn money in your hometown or while travelling – by filming positive stories from around the globe.

Hi! We’re the team and we’re looking for freelance filmmakers from all over the world who know how to tell a good story. Worldfair wants to show realistic, positive and hopeful news that is currently not reaching our mainstream media.

Do you carry a quality camera with you and know how to do some video-editing?

Then you can earn 50% of our advertisement income* on every video you make



The content needs to show a realistic, inspiring activity or person that instills trust and hope about what is already happening on this planet and in the future.

A video about a playful cat doesn’t suit this description, but a person building a constructive solution for a local or global problem does.


25fps, 16:9 format, minimum quality 720p, format MP4 or MOV, length 2-6
minutes depending on content, max file size 4GB, snippets cut in square format (1:1) for social media promotion.


House style/graphics, following guidelines of our pilot video. Subtitles in the frame, using descriptive titles (only our graphics), quick cut.


*50% of Youtube Ads without a time limit. With Worldfair we want to show the world that there is a lot of realistic, positive and inspiring activity brewing around us, countering the rather grim view that the international mainstream media portrays.

There’s no denying the major problems that are currently present, but by giving projects and people that are working on solutions a stage, amplifying their impact and spreading their message, we would like to contribute to the silent positive movement that’s already happening.

Join the movement below!

Before applying, make sure to download our guidelines here.

Apply here:

Send us video files using 'send as link' option on Wetransfer. Paste the URL in the field "Files" below.