Receive the value your initiative deserves

Get free exposure

Submitting your project(‘s video) to WorldFair means free exposure for your initiative since WorldFair’s audience is eager to see positive, inspiring, and authentic stories. This does not cost you, or the project, anything.

If your project doesn’t have a video yet, WorldFair can film and/or edit this for you in any part of the world. We aim to provide these services for the lowest cost possible based on your demands. If your project is also subscribed to our partner ShopDonation, we will give your video(s) free promotion on our website’s homepage as well.

Become attractive for business sponsors

In addition, your video will be promoted to our affiliated businesses. Through our WorldFair CSR program, companies can support a project that is published on WorldFair. The more transparant your initiative is portrayed, the more attractive you’ll become*.

*You can find an example of this on ACS audiovisual solution’s page, that has supported a children’s project in Lombok, Indonesia, for years.

Long-term partnerships

In addition to attracting businesses, the WorldFair CSR program advocates long-term collaborations. Making the collaboration sustainable will not only help your project but it will also benefit the company’s marketing department.

Upcoming: earn income with your video

WorldFair has launched recently. Once we reach an expected level of followers on our social media platforms, submitting your video material to WorldFair will earn your project a recurring income.


Once we start running in-stream ads, we will share 50% of our social media ad revenue with your project, for every video of yours that is listed on WorldFair*. The audience will be able to support your project just by watching your video.

* For this we need your permission to run ads on the video material that you send in.

Submit your initiative’s video:

    Send us video files using 'send as link' option on Wetransfer. Paste the URL in the field "Files" below.