Bwindi National Park in Uganda is surrounded by villages. Whenever the inhabitants fail to provide for their livelihood, they poach for Mountain Gorillas. And because their meat is regarded as prestigious, a lot of money can be earned by selling it.

Dr. Gladys founded the Gorilla Conservation Coffee, a social enterprise attached to the non-profit – Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH). They work to train village farmers to grow higher yields of coffee, and then buy the grains at a premium price.

Gorilla Conservation Coffee ensures that the villagers can earn a living through growing coffee so they won’t have to poach.

Mountain gorillas were ranked as Critically Endangered on the IUCN list up until 2018. 14 November 2018 marks a date when the gorillas improved the status moving to the Endangered category thanks to CTPH’s conservation efforts, as well as many other wildlife protection projects.

Learn more about CTPH’s conservation efforts:

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