MIWA helps you buy food, not packaging. Since 2014, the company has been working on smart solutions that allow for easy and sustainable shopping. It is the world’s leading innovation in smart reusable packaging.

This smart system uses reusable 12l MIWA Capsules that circulate among the food producer, the shop, and the washing center. In the shop, the capsules get inserted into MIWA Moduls that allow customers to easily dispense products into their reusable containers.

For the end customers, MIWA also develops a pre-tared, reusable MIWA Cup that communicates with the food dispenser and enables direct payment via MIWA App. The MIWA App can be used to pay as well as to see the detailed information of the product, the producer, the expiration date, and the allergen info. In the future, the App also lets you track how much packaging waste you avoided with every MIWA purchase!

In addition to the system you can see and use in the store, MIWA provides an information system that enables shop owners to track the movement of the products and organize the logistics more efficiently.

The information system also controls all packaging in the system and prevents any material to leak into the environment. All outworn MIWA reusable packaging and system parts are collected to get recycled.

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