Are you a video creator with a quality camera and video-editing skills? Would you like to capture and share inspiring stories, projects and make some extra income from it? Well then, join WorldFair!

We are looking for people in all parts of the world (if you are traveling that’s fine too) to work with us in creating diverse and positive content. You can share something that you have found on your own, or follow a lead that we have heard about in your area. Either way, your valuable footage will add to the platform of and earn you some extra bucks, too! See this page to find out more about WorldFair content guidelines.

Money generated from your video’s YouTube ads will be portioned out your way, so the more views, the better. We may also hire you to record specific footage for a paying organization. Get in touch to become a part of our pool of freelancers and let us know which video work would suit you best.

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